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One of the most mysterious features introduced by Apple is iCloud. This is Apple’s cloud-based services- covering a wide area such as email, contact, and calendar syncing lost phone location, and storage of music. The basic purpose of cloud service is to store information on a remote computer which is commonly called a cloud server. To be clear, this doesn’t give you additional space on any particular device and you can access the information any internet-connected system. Let me make it clear that iCloud Support Phone Number isn’t any mobile application.

What was iCloud developed for Customer in USA/CANADA ?

Sharing Data: With the help of the internet and iCloud, you can easily share data among all the IOS devices, including your computer (from camera roll images to safari bookmarks). For instance, if you take a picture from your iPhone, it is automatically shared on the camera rolls of iPad and Mac as well.

Online storage: You can save your documents and files to iCloud. You can assess this document anywhere on the IOS device with the internet. You can also restore and get your back-up done.

icloud Support Phone Number
icloud Tech Support Number

How to use iCloud

  • On your Home Screen, press the Settings icon.
  • Now tap iCloud.
  • Tap Account.
  • Now Setup and Apple ID and the password
  • Now you get an iCloud storage plan: Apple offers its users 5GB for free and that more than enough. You can easily upgrade your storage plan up to 10GB, 20GB, or 50GB with annual fees.
  • Now tap Done, to return to the iCloud settings.
  • Your iCloud email now appears at the bottom of the account screen.
  • Tap any switch to turn on or off iCloud synchronization – Let take an example, so if you want to sync your Contacts list between your iPhone, Mac, and iOS devices, tap the Contacts switch to On. To turn off iCloud synchronizing With iCloud Support Phone Number, then switch to Off. Photo Stream and Documents and Data have separate screens with multiple options.
  • Now press Home Button to exit settings.

Despite follow the steps properly, there have been issues raised by users while operating the iCloud for the first time. If you have the same issue, then just get in touch with our expert at iCloud Support Phone Number for instant solutions.Also, you can download the iCloud control panel for Windows and Apple offers this program for free. However, PC can only sync mail, contacts, Calender, bookmarks, Photo Stream

How to check your iCloud storage space:

  • Open Home Screen, tap Setting Icon.
  • Tap iCloud
  • Tap Storage and Backup
  • Tap manage Storage- here you will see spaces used by your back up files.
  • Optional: You can enable and disable iCloud backup if you wish to anytime.

How to Setup iCloud

I can guess that you have recently bought an iPhone or setting up your first iCloud account. Experts at iCloud Support Phone Number suggest we follow the below steps to make your work easier.

Setup on iPhone and iPad:

Whenever you buy a new phone or update your IOS operating system for the first time, you are asked if you want to use iCloud Drive to store your documents and folders. Tap Yes.

  • Open the Settings icon on the Home page.
  • Tab your Apple ID banner.
  • Tap Cloud

Setup on Mac:

Follow the same step, if your product asks you if you want to use iCloud Drive to store your Data. Tap Yes.

  • Click on the Apple icon at the upper left corner of the screen.
  • Now click System Preferences from the down-town menu.
  • Click Sign in
  • Now enter the Apple ID and the password.
  • Click Next
  • Click Allow for allowing to Find My Mac in the pop-up.
  • Now check the entire App list that uses iCloud.

How to activate iCloud

This section will brief you about how to activate your iCloud with the same Apple ID you have been using with iTunes and the App Store. If you don’t have an Apple ID, then we would suggest you make one when prompted to log in.

Activate iCloud on IOS

  • Open the Settings icon on your home screen of iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.
  • Tap iCloud, press Account and enter your Apple credentials.
  • Change the On/Off switches on the iCloud page that which Items you wish to sync to the cloud.
  • Now tap Storage and Backup and switch on iCloud Backup with iCloud Support Phone Number , if you are willing to back up the IOS device to cloud instead of the computer.
  • Now go back to the Setting screen, open iTunes & App Stores. Make Automatic Download on, if you want to automatically install apps, music, books purchased on other devices.
Activate iCloud on Mac:
  • Open the Apple menu and click on System Preferences.
  • Now tap on to iCloud and enter your Apple Credentials.
  • Open the iTunes menu and click Preference. Now check the boxes under Automatic Download, if you want auto download purchases from other devices, then switch it to On.
  • Open Photo Stream tab, then click on Turn On Photo Stream, if you want to sync your pictures. Make sure, if features require OS X version 10.8.2 or later.
Activate iCloud on Windows:
  • Most importantly, download and install the iCloud Control Panel With iCloud Support Phone Number from official Apple's website.
  • Now open the Windows Control Panel and click iCloud.
  • Enter your Apple ID login credentials.
  • Then, do have a look at the checkboxes for each item you want to synchronize with the cloud and press Apply.
  • Now press the Options button by any checked item to change its settings. For example – you can choose which browser to sync your bookmarks with.
  • Now on iTunes, open the Edit menu and click Preferences. Open the Store tab and check the boxes under Automatic Downloads if you want iTunes to download purchases on other devices.

You don’t have to lose your temper if incase, the above solutions aren’t entirely working for you. We suggest you have proper guidance from our experts at iCloud Support Phone Number for brief knowledge about the issue and its solution.

Does iCloud sync automatically

Once you have got iCloud running on your device, now you can have complete access to syncing capabilities. You will be able to access contacts, calendars, mail, documents, photos, and more across all your devices and on the Web as well. Let me make it pretty clear, the syncing process on iTunes is completely different than iCloud syncing. With iCloud, your files and documents are smoothly dropped across all your devices. It’s not up to you when you choose to sync your device. Instead, your data is automatically stored onto iCloud, and your iOS devices and computers collectively sync and pull information from this central server regularly, to keep everything up-to-date. For example, when you add files and folders to iCloud Drive, all of your files move to iCloud and also any new created files even automatically stores in iCloud too. This helps you to explore your files and documents on any devices. Some users might come up with the issue of data not syncing automatically to the cloud. Now what they need to do is dial iCloud Support Phone Number and get the issue resolved in no time.